Sad news about the Market…

The Prestwick Chase Farmers Market will not be opening this season, according to Director Kellie Postlethwaite.
“In looking at the number of new markets that have been planned for the coming spring/summer, we feel our efforts and those of our vendors would be better spent in other directions,” she said.
The Prestwick Chase Farmers Market was created in 2011 as a venue for local growers and craftspeople to offer their goods to the residents of Prestwick Chase, the area’s premier independent senior living community.
The Market was also opened to the general public in 2011 and 2012 and was meet with great enthusiasm. We would like to thank all of you who attended for supporting the Prestwick Chase Market.
But in the past two years, organization in Saratoga Springs and surrounding communities have recognized the potential and popularity of Farmers Markets and have opened new markets.
“That availability of fresh produce in close proximity of Prestwick Chase is a factor in our decision to discontinue our Farmers Market,”Postlethwaite said.